M-TRACE MOBILE is a modern ECG register purposed for the private use by a patient at their home.

Simple handling of the device allows a patient to conduct the ECG test of similar quality as the one conducted by the clinical devices.

Each M-TRACE MOBILE is remotely configured and controlled by a doctor and it can be updated from the central level. It also allows a doctor to remotely set up signal registration parameters and testing modes.

M-TRACE MOBILE testing modes:

  • Event holter

  • Single test


By the visual and audio indicators, M-TRACE MOBILE communicates incorrect contact between patient’s skin and electrodes.

  • GSM/GPRS module of the class 12, that works in the GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz quad band

  • Voice communication

  • Automatic deletion of the test result after a receipt of confirmation that it was collected and registered by the System.

  • Remote configuration of parameters of the device: sampling frequency, activated filters, registration time

  • Test result sent to the System in the ECG-SCP format accordingly with the EN1064 norm

  • Communication with the System directly by the http or https protocol

  • Possibility of remote firmware software updates

  • ECG leads: 6 standard I,II,III, avR,aVL,aVF, cable with 3 or 4 leads

  • Time of test record up to 60 seconds, remote set-up

  • Battery: LI-jon 1100mAh

  • Frequency range: min. 0,05 – 100 Hz.

  • CMRR: >100 dB ( with a 4 leads cabel)

  • Input impedance > 10M

  • Range of steering > 12mVpp
A/C, 24 bit converter

  • Signal resolution – 0,5uV/bit

  • Sampling frequency: 1000Hz, programmed from the System

  • Digital filtration: 50Hz, 35Hz, 25Hz, isoline filter

  • In case of lack of network: 40MB of testing memory

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